Friday, July 23, 2010

A wearable "gold and brown" look...

As I have blue eyes... I love my golds and coppers, those colours really highlight my eye colour, so I've done a wearable gold look which is quite tame (in my eyes!!lol) I keep thinking I may have to break out and do some more bold colours and just have some REAL fun mucking about. (I'll show you a couple that I've done recently, just playing with make-up)

Leave your foundation till last (it's sometimes easier to clean up "fall out" of eyeshadow powder which can easily be swept away before you apply your foundation. Prep your face (cleanse, moisturise).

Apply a small amount of concealer as a base or an eye primer and then using a small flat shader brush apply a soft gold to the inner corner of your lid to the middle, bringing it up to the crease. I used Loreal "Made for me naturals Dark Brunettes"... the number 1 colour you see in the pic.

Next pack on (like patting the eyeshadow on instead of sweeping it) a metallic gold to the rest of your lid to the outer corner and bring in to meet the soft gold and again also up to your crease. Blend these two together in the middle so there are no harsh lines, pushing the metallic gold over the inner corner way. I also put abit of the metallic gold a third way from the outer corner, under the lower eyelash line. I used a cheap asian shop eyeshadow (Baolishi number 2 palette), its the top colour of the palette, cost me a rediculous $5 but I love it!!lol

Right, next I got a metallic brown colour, the colour on the bottom on this cheap palette and with a blending brush swept it through the crease of my eye, bring it up over the crease just a little. Just go 3/4 of the way across your crease. Keep the inner corner highlighted with the soft gold. I then gave my crease abit more depth with the very dark brown the number 2 eyeshadow from loreal palette that you would've seen in the photo above.

I'm sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the next steps but they're standard things to do to finish your eye off. I applied a small winged eyeliner with liquid eyeliner. I then applied a black kohl pencil to my waterline and a couple of coats of mascara. I filled in my eyebrows, swept away any fall out and then applied my concealer and foundation. I added some bronzer all over my face but mainly concentrating on my cheeks, bridge of the nose, temples and middle of my forehead.

Next I used a lipliner in a brown/orange shade (BYS in number 4 Cafe Latte, you can buy the BYS brand from Glassons I think). Line you lips with the pencil and then fill them right in. I then applied a clear lipgloss over the top.

This is the finished look.....

To be honest, these pics don't really do the colour justice. My camera crapped out so I have been using a camcoder to take these pics and they just don't seem to pick up colour very well...they looked washed out really:( Sorry guys....I just can't afford a new proper camera right perhaps I need to step away from the window a few paces, too much light!!...hehe

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