Friday, July 23, 2010


This is just a quick tip on giving your eyeshadow colours more depth or more pop!

As you will see from the pic above, I have a swatch of a creamy soft black eye pencil with a swatch of a blue eyeshadow next to it (MAC Freshwater). Beneath those two is what the blue eyeshadow looks like under a black base..gorgeous deep midnight type of blue! Apply the black to your lid and then blend in the colour you choose. You could play around and do a whole heap of swatches with your eyeshadows and come out with an awesome more deeper colour. To give eyeshadow more "pop".. you would use a matte white eye pencil as a base... this will make the eyeshadow really stand out. So you kinda get 3 colours out of the one eyeshadow pretty cool eh??!!

One other thing to remember with colour on the face is that dark colours bring your features in and in some cases like with contouring make features appear thinner,while light colours highlight and make your features stand out.

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