Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi guys as promised, my version of 40's/ pin-up make-up.

First prepare your face (concealer, foundation, powder to set). The prime your eye (I just use a tiny bit of concealer). Use a creamy eyeshadow pencil as a base for your eyeshadow powder. The reason for this is it helps to bring the eyeshadow colour out and make it stay on longer. I also fillin my brows at this point as it helps to give me a frame to work with when applying the eyeshadow.
Select a nude/cream/beige colour eyeshadow and apply this from lid to brow. It can be shimmer or matte..your choice.

Next get your blending brush and apply a medium brown to the crease of your eye. This just gives your eye abit of contour and depth. Otherwise applying a light shade over your lid and that is all would look abit weird! lol

Use a liquid eyeliner to give the famous pin-up cat's eye. Now this is where it can get tricky, but with some practice it starts to become very easy. What I do to help me is draw a small line on an angle from the corner of my outer eye toward the end of my brow. Then I take the liner across my lashes and connect it to the line I made previously. You can also do a "connect the dots" along your lash line too! I find using a liquid liner shaped like a felt-tip pen makes it so much easier and more precise when you are learning. I've used Maybelline define-a-line liquid liner pen. If you want to, you can add some false eyelashes to complete the look. That's the eye's done! Very simple! *EDIT* I forgot to take a pic of doing the eyeliner sorry.. but you can see in the finished look. I might do a quick tutorial on how to do the cats eye with liquid eyeliner later on!!

The red lips (my favorite part!! lol) Use a sharp pencil and start on the bottom lip. Kind of stretch your lip out and instead of using the point of the pencil, put it slightly on it's side and start lining your lips. Then line the cupids bow of your top lip. Do one side of the bow at a time and then start lining down the sides and connect to the corners of your lips. Fill your lips in with the pencil to give your lipstick a base. Make sure you get into the corners with the liner because there is nothing worse than seeing a big gap with no colour when you talk or open your mouth.

Grabbing a lipliner brush (a must for precision) get some of your chosen lipstick and start to fill in your lips. Blot with tissue and then apply some more lipstick.

Next grab a small brush and add some concealer. Line the outside of your lips with this and then blend outward. Take your time with this as you do not want to smudge your lipstick! Putting concealer around you lips makes the lips stand out more and also tidies up the line giving your lips a clean sharp look. Including the liner, concealer also helps to stop the lipstick from feathering into the fine lines.

You can then apply alittle blusher to the apple of your cheeks if you like, but I personally just like adding a dusting of bronzer to give my face abit of colour, as red lipstick can make you look abit pale. I do concentrate on the cheeks, but also add alittle bit of bronzer to the temples, chin and middle of the forehead.

This is the finished look!! I had abit of fun with the 40's by wearing a bandana and a trilby hat!
I hope you like it and give it a go yourself! It is such a classic and elegant look and is lovely to wear for an evening out, or if you're like me...anytime of the day!!! lol

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