Monday, June 7, 2010


Hiya! I thought I would start my blog with a pic of myself void of for some mascara and some lipgloss! What better pic to use than one on while camping last summer...keep it real eh??!!

Now you have seen me stripped bare-faced, abit of background stats about me I guess!! I'm 31 year old kiwi girl, married with three kids!! I'm studying to be an aromatherapist and also learning massage. I have been asked to start a blog on my make-up escapades by a few people!! I've never done a "blog" before, so this is all new to me.... I hope like hell I can pull it off!! lol

Make-up has always held a facination for me since I was little. I remember getting into Mum's make-up drawer and making a mess of her products. My favorite was her Mary Quant Cream eyeshadow tubes and eye crayons in a big yellow tin (unbelievably, she still has that tin, complete with manky old crayons!!) I started wearing abit of make-up when I was 11. Just simple tinted moisturizer,mascara and a tinted lipgloss, cos that's all Mum would let me wear to school! From there I have slowly worked my way up with cosmetics till in the last couple of years, I got the confidence to attempt eyeshadow looks that are not nudes or browns and looks that require shaping and blending more than one or two colours!

I have no formal training, I'm not an "expert". I'm self taught and have learnt through talking to the girls at make-up counters, youtube gurus, asking friends who love make-up and most importantly, experimenting and playing around with my palettes just for fun! I like what I like..anything that takes my fancy really! I just LOVE make-up fullstop! Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong.... but that's the whole point of learning right??!!

I don't go for expensive products all the time, in fact, alot of my make-up is drug-store brands and I have even picked up some stuff from cheap asian stores that you see here in New Zealand.

This blog is for people who are just beginning to get into make-up and want to go abit further out of their comfort-zone. I'd love this to be a inter-active blog so please feel free to comment on your own tips and tricks, natural skin-care or home remedies made out of the fridge or cupboard (I love that kind of thing), reviews of products you like and I would LOVE to see pics of looks that you have done that can inspire myself and other people to try their own version! We're all learning so please don't be shy! As I have said to people before, everybody can bring something different to the table which is such a fantastic thing otherwise man! it would be boring!

Hope you follow along, add your own thoughts and ideas and enjoy the ride!!


  1. Hi! Wow, you have done so much already!

    (Also - in case you want to do it to (I had no idea you could when I first started), I use site to monitor the traffic on my blog. you can see where people are viewing from, and like how they got to your blog (like if through twitter, facebook, google (and what they googled for!).

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you post!

  2. Thanks for the support and the link Nichola!xx