Thursday, June 10, 2010


I know when I first started out with make-up I used to see these awesome smokey eyes but could never do them properly.. they always ended a mess! But then I found eye pencils that made the job much easier... I'll show you how I did this smokey eye!

First, the tools you will need:

Maybelline Define-a-line pencil eyeliner (has a sponge on the other end...very handy)
Matte Black eyeshadow
Gun metal grey eyeshadow
a brow highligher of your choice.. I used a very light beige shimmer eyeshadow

For the lips: Body Shop Lip liner pencil in 10 Pinkbrown
a clear lip gloss.

A shader Brush
and I just would not be without my MAC 217 blending brush
Here we go....

After applying primer to your eye, apply the define a line eyeliner in a random mess along your lid!! lol Scary looking, I know!! Make sure that you apply the liner very close to your lash line also!

Then with the sponge tip we are going to blend it out so that it's all over the lid and even. At this point you can put a piece of sticky tape down from the corner of your eye on an angle to the end of your eyebrow and this will stop it from going every where and give you a nice straight line to work with.

Next take abit of the matte black eyeshadow with your shader brush and just "pack on" gently to the lid to set the kohl pencil and prevent it from travelling all over your eye! Then take your blending brush dip the end into the gun metal grey eyeshdow, tap off the excess and start from the crease using "window wiper motions" to blend the smokey eye upwards and out toward the sticky tape you have in place. Once you have finished blending up from the crease, take the tape off and hopefully you will have something that resembles this....

Take you blending brush and just gently soften the line that was made by the tape, so there's no harsh line. Do abit more blending if you feel the need or you may feel you need to add some more black or grey depending on how dark you want to go. Apply your brow highlighter and bring it down to the grey..blend these two gently together so again there is no harsh line. It should look like they merge into one another. Line under your lower lashes with the kohl pencil and then smudge it out a wee bit with the gunmetal grey eyeshadow. Line the rims of your eyes (the waterline) with the kohl pencil.

Line your lips, fill them right in with the pencil and then smooth it out with some gloss.

I didn't use any blusher, with a look this dramatic I just concentrate on the eye. However I did use some bronzer as a contour on my cheeks and abit on my temples.

Here is the finished look....


  1. not too bad there sonja, i might have to go and get some of the colours and give it ago. or you can come around and show me!!!! (hint hint)

  2. Looks great sonja. Never looks like that when I try to do it...