Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey Guys,

Was standing in the supermarket queue the other night and spotted this Lip Balm... lol I'm a shocker for impulse buys with those items by the checkout! Thought I would do a quick review on it, just in case you guys have the same "sucked-in" habit I do!! hehe

I have a thin top lip and anything that has "volume", "plump", "collegen enhancing" will get my attention!!

The Nivea Natural Volume Lip Balm claims that it helps naturally enhance you lips, with light reflecting pigments for a gorgeous shine.

My honest opinion?? I wouldn't say it volumises my lips, at first I thought there may have been a slight difference but I think that was more a placebo effect happenin' there!! lol

I have to say, it makes you lips feel nice, it isn't sticky or "gluey" feeling and there is a slight pretty fleck in it to catch the light. The great thing is that it has a SPF of 30.

Bottom line, this balm is nothing to write home about, it's same as any other light reflecting lip-balm. It will keep your lips moisturised and pretty during this cold winter season, and it's nice and compact in your pocket to take anywhere. Also, at $5.65 it's hardly going to be something you regret..everyone needs a lipbalm in winter!!!

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