Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Depending on our eye colour and skin tone, some eyeshadow colours can make our eye colour intesify and other eyeshadow colours can be too overbearing.

I personally feel that you can give any colour a go if you like ( I hate rigid rules!!).... but take into consideration your skin tone. Does it have a yellow tinge or a pink tinge for example. Are you a warm colour or a cool colour. Sometimes something as simple as knowing which jewellery suits you better, gold or silver can be an indication of whether you are warm or cool.

My eyes are blue so as you will see on the colour wheel the opposite colour from blue is the golds, browns, coppers, peachy colours.

If your eyes are green.... violets,plums, pinks,coppery colours

If your eyes are brown.... lilac, blues and greens

Also the colours next to your eye colours also work. These are called harmonious colours.

Anyway check out the colour wheel, take a good close look at your iris colour in the mirror and start having a play around with colours on your eyes. You will soon figure out what looks good and makes your eyes pop and on the other hand, what looks rank!! lol

And if you want to delve deeper into colours then google "colour theory" and you will get more indepth infomation about colours and how they work. Or here is a link....

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