Monday, June 7, 2010


I get people comment on my eyebrows alot. I think they are an important facial feature and frame your face making your make-up look clean, elegant and polished.

So in light of that, it is vital to have well groomed eyebrows. The best thing to do in my opinion if you think you are going to end up with a over-plucked out of shape eyebrow doing it yourself, is to go and get them shaped professionally by a beautician. THEN you can do your own up-keep by plucking away stray hairs as they grow. Follow your own natural brow shape instead of plucking it to oblivion and trying to change the shape entirely! Be careful of over-plucking as the individual hairs from constant plucking can stop growing altogether!

Here is a site with before and after shots of ladies so you can see what I'm talking about!

A nice squared off beginning of the brow at the nose, tapering off to a fine line with a nice arch inbetween. I'll show you where the points should be using a stick. I have taken a few quick pics as you can see, just to give an idea of how you can get the right "angles".

Starting with the stick on the side of your nostril pointing straight up is where your brow should start.

To find out where your arch should be, move the stick (keeping the stick on an angle from your nostril) have it so it is right in the middle of your eye (your pupil).

Next pivot the stick again to the outer corner of your eye, this is where the brow should end.

When applying make-up brow definition is a must in my books. To do this you can use a pencil that is in a shade lighter than the hair on your head. Light feathered strokes starting from the beginning and working your way to the end. Some people like to use a tiny angular brush with an eyeshadow that matches their eyebrow shade then using the same technique of the pencil of small irregular feathery strokes. You can "set" your eyebrows with a clear mascara if wished.


  1. I do like your eyebrows! they are perfect! Another tip for eyerow definition is instead of using a pencil use a small eyeshadow brush with a little bit of eyeshadow i find as i have blonde eyebrows if i use a light brown eyeshadow on them it give a much more natural look and saves buying an eyebrow pencil!

  2. Hi Sonia. love your blog with your honest inexpensive tips and advice which therefore makes it priceless ! Its michelle Phillips from eyebrowsframeyourface. your advice here is as sound as I would have given it especially the attention focused on your own natural eyebrow line. thanks for the big up ! and keep up the blog as its honest straight to the point info that people love and keep coming back for.